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Legionella Control & Pest Control & Disinfection Services

Legionella Control & Pest Control & Disinfection Services

SITRA has adopted an integrated approach to delivering water services for the industrial sector. As a result, we offer a broad array of industrial and occupational hygiene services which range from technical (water treatment programs) to consulting services (completion of Log Books, liaison with Public Organizations).

In order to provide first-class services, we have met the required quality standards and obtained water quality permits.

Our Operations & Maintenance staff make a full risk assessment of the water facilities to produce a Control Scheme for preventing an outbreak of Legionella and for offering the best pest control solutions.

Legionella Control and Prevention in:

  • Cooling Systems
  • Hot and Cold Water Systems
  • Other Water Systems

Development and Implementation of Integrated Pest Management Plans:

  • Rodent Control
  • Insect Control
  • Disinfection