In the following, we describe the processing of your personal data and your rights under current data  protection legislation – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27  April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, and Organic  Law 3/2018 of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and the guarantee of digital rights,  hereinafter the applicable data protection legislation

  1. Data Controller and contact details

The entity responsible for processing your data is Soluciones Industriales Y Tratamientos Ambientales,  S.L. (SITRA), with its official address at Calle Mayor 82, local 2, CP 12001, Castellón, Spain. 

If you wish, please contact us via email at the following address: or via the postal  address given above. 

  1. For what purposes will we process your data and on what legal basis?

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the applicable data protection  regulations and will be processed on legal grounds and for the purposes indicated below: 

  1. a) Consent of the party in question 

The processing of your personal data will be carried out, provided that you have given us your  consent, for the ensuing purposes: 

  • Website contact inquiry management. The processing of your personal data will be carried  out for the purpose of managing and responding to requests for information, queries,  complaints or suggestions made through the web page form. 
  • Commercial communications and newsletters. Your data will be processed to manage the  sending of commercial communications, newsletters or any other relevant news that may  be of interest to you. 
  • Event and technical seminar management. Your data will be processed for the purpose of  managing the inscription and promotion of events and conferences organised by SITRA. 

You may revoke your consent at any time. Please note that the revocation of consent is not  retroactive. 

  1. b) Compliance with a legal obligation applicable to the data controller 

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations  for the purpose of responding to the exercising of your rights established in accordance with the  General Data Protection Regulations, provided that you have made a request to exercise your rights  through the established channels. 

As such, in the event you do not consent to the processing of your personal data for this purpose,  and given that the processing of such data is necessary to comply with the legal obligations  applicable to the data controller, it will not be possible to respond to your request for rights. 

  1. c) In the execution of a contract or for the application of pre-contractual measures 

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations  for the purposes of: 

  • Requests for information. Your personal data will be processed to respond to your  requests for information, quotes or to establish any other business relationship with Sitra.
  • Management of contractual relationships with customers. Your data will be processed for  the purpose of managing the contractual relationship we have with your company and, in  particular, for processing your request for a quote, registration as a customer and  managing the relationship, service provision and billing of the contracted service in an  appropriate manner. 
  • Management of contractual relationships with suppliers. Your personal data will be  processed if you have a business relationship with Sitra with the primary purpose of  establishing, managing or terminating a contractual relationship between the parties. In  particular, they will be used to formalise the contract, execute and fulfil the same, as well  as to monitor the fulfilment and payment of the services rendered. 
  • Registration and access to the website client area a/o WIM by Sitra. Your personal data will  be processed as long as its is requested to provide you with access to the website client  area and/or the WIM by Sitra management system. 

If you do not provide us with your personal data, and since these are required for the execution of  the contract between the parties, the contract between the parties cannot be formalised. 

  1. d) Justified on legitimate interests 

If you are or have been a SITRA client, your personal data will be processed to comply with the  entity’s own legal requirements, provided that your fundamental interests, rights and freedoms do  not supersede these legal requirements. Your data will be processed for the following purposes: 

  • Sending of commercial communications and newsletters. Your data will be processed to  manage the sending of commercial communications or newsletters relating to products,  services, promotions or any other relevant news, provided that such communications refer  to products or services that are related to a previously contracted service or product. 
  • Invitation to events and conferences. Your data will be processed for the purpose of  managing the inscription and promotion of events and conferences organised by SITRA  related to the contracted services or products. 
  • Customer satisfaction surveys. Your personal data will be processed for the purpose of  sending you customer satisfaction surveys regarding the service or product provided with a  view to improving our services. 

You may legitimately object to these processes. It should be noted that your opposition to such  processing will not be automatic and must be weighed against the legitimate interests of the entity. 

  1. What data categories will we process?

Possible data categories to be processed include: 

  • Consent of the party in question 

Data of an identifying nature 

Data from employment details 

  • Legitimate interests 

Data of an identifying nature 

  • Execution of a contract 

Data of an identifying nature 

Data relating to transactions in goods and services 

  • Legal obligations 

Any other type data that SITRA processes from the interested party exercising those rights.

  1. To whom will your data be communicated?

In order to carry out all the purposes described above, SITRA has the collaboration of third-party service  providers who may obtain access to personal data as a consequence of the execution of the contracted  services. In any event, SITRA follows a strict selection criteria of these third parties for the purpose of  complying with its obligations in data protection and it signs its corresponding data protection  agreement with them, where these third parties are obliged to comply with their data protection  obligations, and in particular to implement such legal, technical and organisational security measures as  may be appropriate to ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of the data subjects’ personal  data in relation to their processing for the informed purposes. 

Your data may be communicated to other companies within the company’s group in order to guarantee  the exercise of the rights by the person concerned. 

Furthermore, SITRA may disclose personal data and any other user information when required to do so  by public authorities in the exercise of the functions legitimately attributed to them and in accordance  with the applicable provisions whenever necessary.  

  1. Are your data transferred to third-party countries or international organisations?

International data transfers are made outside the European Economic Area to send commercial  communications and newsletters, as well as to manage the registration and promotion of events and  conferences organised by SITRA to The Rocket Science Group company when making use of its  Mailchimp email marketing service. 

Find out more: 

  1. How long will we retain your data?

SITRA will comply with the provisions of current legislation regarding the duty to delete personal  information once the intended purpose has been fulfilled, or when consent to its processing has been  revoked, the information being duly blocked, for its exclusive disposal by Judges and Courts, the Public  Prosecutor’s Office or the competent Public Administrations for the possible responsibilities arising from  the processing, and only during the statute of limitations of said responsibilities. Once these time  periods have elapsed, this information will be permanently deleted by secure means. 

  1. How did we obtain your data?

The personal data that Sitra processes are the personal data provided by you in the following situations: During the establishment of the commercial relationship as a Sitra client, or when making  requests for offers and quotes. 

  • During the contractual relationship, as information will be generated and during the use of  services such as the client area or WIM by Sitra. 
  • By completing the website contact form available on the Sitra website. 
  • By requesting the exercise of your data protection rights. 
  1. What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations, as well as national data  protection regulations, you have the right to exercise, if you wish, the rights of access, rectification and  deletion of data, as well as to request that your personal data processing be limited, to oppose it, to  request the transfer of your data, as well as to not be the subject of any separate automated decision making. 

Furthermore, if the described personal data processing is carried out with your consent, you may revoke  your consent at any time. In this regard, please note that the revocation of the given consent will not  affect the lawfulness of the processing carried out prior to the withdrawal of such consent. 

You may exercise the rights described above through the following channels, providing the necessary  documentation that allows us to verify your identity (copy of ID, passport, Spanish NIE, etc.): 

  • In writing, by a request sent to Pol. C/ Suiza esquina C/ Polonia, naves 19, 20 y 21 – 12006 – CASTELLÓN, SPAIN. 
  • By e-mail to the following email address
  1. With whom can you file your claims?

If you believe that your data protection rights have been infringed or if you have any complaints  regarding your personal information, you may contact the data controller whose contact information is  given in section 1. 

In any event, interested parties may contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency (the data protection  control authority) at any time,, C/Jorge Juan número 6, 28001, Madrid, Spain.