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Involved in all stages of the water cycle in industry

Four premises set our work apart

We guarantee optimal efficiency and sustainability

SITRA provides top technical solutions in treating feed water to industrial processes and purification, as well as treating wastewater and industrial waste.

Engineering solutions:



We carry out all kinds of studies and audits on the integral management of water and waste in industry

EngineeringPlant design and construction

Design and construction of plants

We design and build custom facilities under the highest quality standards

EngineeringTurnkey projects

Turnkey projects

We’re involved in projects from the conceptual design phase to subsequent operation and maintenance of the facilities

Operating and maintenance solutions:

Operation and maintenanceFull facility management

Comprehensive facilities management

We operate and maintain water treatment facilities and renewable gas plants

Operation and maintenanceChemical product

Chemical product

We manufacture and market water treatment products

Operation and maintenanceWaste management

Waste management

We give our waste value in line with the established regulatory framework

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